About Kevin

Kevin has been working with Bret since 2014, starting off as a client in Glute Lab: Phoenix. He has been working in the fitness industry since 2015, coaching clients, co-writing articles, co-formulating supplements, working as an adjunct Glute Squad coach at Glute Lab: San Diego, and is currently a coach for the Booty by Bret private group. Kevin uses an outside-the-box approach to program design, meshing his experience of working with clients, integrating fundamental concepts of exercise science, nutritional sciences, and psychology research, along with working under Bret for the past 4 years. His expertise is teaching fundamental principles behind the “why” of diet and exercise form.

In his spare time, Kevin trains Brazilian Jiujitsu and is a blue belt at Renzo Gracie: Northern Valley, and has aspirations to compete in powerlifting and Stronglifting. 

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